Most Awesome Cars in Motoring History

introductionThe cars used in the series are many but some of them have done, in all respects, the history of television. Here is the list of the most famous models of all time and are luxurious, the dated back from history and until now an available in the market and rent for the luxury purpose

Ferrari 308:

The car of the prancing horse was used in the series of the eighties “Magnum PI”, starring Tom Selleck. During the eight seasons about five, Ferrari 308 models were used.

Lincoln Futura:

it is a concept car, never produced in series. Produced by the Ford group, thanks to its extravagant style, was used to dress the role of the Batmobile in the TV series “Batman”, broadcast from 1966 to 1968.

Pontiac TransAm:

perhaps one of the best known and beloved TV series cars. We are talking about the famous KITT, the car equipped with artificial intelligence led by the protagonist David Hasselhoff, in the TV series “Supercar”.

Dodge Charger:

1969 car, protagonist of the series “Hazzard“, many remember it with the name of General Lee. Unforgettable some of its features, such as the unmistakable orange color of the body and the welded doors, which forced the cousins ​​, Duke, to go out and get in the car passing through the windows.

Ford Gran Torino:the car produced by Ford for the American market only, from 1968 to 1976, became the flagship vehicle of the duo “Starsky & Hutch”, cult TV series of the seventies.

Peugeot 403:

the first car with body designed by Pininfarina, appeared in the entire TV series “Lieutenant Columbus”, gaining great popularity and success in sales.

British Leyland Mini Mk4:

the unmistakable car of Mr. Bean, companion of numerous adventures with the legendary Rowan Atkinson. The year 1977, right-hand drive and acid green body, with a black bonnet.

Ferrari Testarossa:

rigorously white, in “Miami Vice” Sonny and Rico were traveling only on this wonderful model of the car manufacturer in Maranello.

GMC Vandura:

another famous vehicle, protagonist of the show “A-Team“, is the black and gray van with the two unmistakable red stripes on the side, used as a means of transport by the chief of the former Vietnam warfighters.

Lotus Seven:last but not least, the car featured in the 1967 science fiction series, “The Prisoner”, where Patrick McGoohan drives this super sport.
conclusionNow you can rent a luxury car for the way they used even to make the tv cinemas look to be interesting.